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Allan & Diana Webster

“In today’s market, trying to sell one’s home is a leap of faith! When we decided to put our house on the market, we knew the realtor we selected had to be the absolute best. Lisa Wolfson was our choice, and we’d select her again in a heartbeat. She knows our area, the market, and how to get a house out there for others to consider. Within the six weeks our house was on the market, we had an incredible 24 showings. Lisa promised to get people through our door, and she kept to her word.
Hercommunication with us was so frequent, we wonder if she put us on her speed dial! All her communications were fun ( = stress-relieving ), yet very professional. Lisa was impressive from start to finish; the best part of working with Lisa was her energy and positive attitude. She was also willing to be honest and straight-forward, which is key.”