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Eric & Jessica Fuller

“Buying a home today can be complicated and intimidating for both buyers and sellers. From short sales, to foreclosures, the fear of overpaying or under-pricing and the always fluctuating government assistance programs it is more important than ever to have an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent helping you through the process. This is why we´ll always recommend our agent, Lisa Wolfson. From day one Lisa went above and beyond our expectations. She provided a variety of listings within our price range and showcased the spectrum of what we could afford. She educated us on the variables of today´s market and provided sound advice to help us make the most informed choice that was right for our family. Lisa´s experience was critical as we navigated the negotiation phase of our purchase and was obvious as she walked us through every detail of the closing insuring that the numbers and complex real estate legalese was accurate and in our best interest. Lisa was diligent, pleasant, proactive and paid attention to all the right details. Thanks to Lisa, we ended up in the perfect home, within our budget and felt confident through the intricate process with her by our side. If we ever move again, Lisa Wolfson will undoubtedly be our choice of a real estate agent every time.”Eric & Jessica Fuller