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Kelly & Joe Garrity

“Let me start out this letter of recommendation by staying my husband and I have never found a Realtor that we liked. We have found they don’t listen, they only care about their commission and they are very pushy. Lisa isn’t like this. Let me tell you what she is like. My husband and I transferred down here from Neenah, WI. We had one month to find a house. Frightening isn’t it? My husband’s new company flew us down here twice. We had one month to find a house. That is how long we had. Lisa listened to what we wanted and did extensive research on the home we needed. She is very knowledgeable and not pushy. When we were not down here she kept in constant contact with us up in WI. We were in crunch time and she really came through for us. Let me finish with this, not only did Lisa put up with us, my husband told Lisa he wants to sell this house just so we can go look for another one! We had a lot of fun with Lisa and she also has a great sense of humor which helps when you are under that much stress and crunch time closes in.”